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Stress Level on Campus

By Mark Kim With only a month left of school, one would expect students to be smiling incessantly, excited about their summer while casually cruising through their school year and making end-of-the-year memories with their friends. Unfortunately, that is not the case. As a matter of fact, the second half of spring term is probably…


New Studco Interview

By Malcolm Salovaara On Sunday, St. Paul’s Fifth Formers elected their Student Council Representatives for next year. The candidates deemed most worthy to lead the school next year were Kristin Ramcharan ’13 as president, Suren Nannapaneni ’13 as vice-president, Kobby Adu-Diawuo ’13 as secretary and Cort Weatherly-White ’13 as treasurer. They have not had any…


04/28/12 JV Lacrosse Game

Ian Ress Last Saturday proved to be exciting for the JV boys’ lacrosse team.  The boys picked up their first win of the season against Thayer Academy.  St. Paul’s started off the game strongly with a quick three goals in the first half.  Thayer responded with a quick two goals to make the score 3-2. …

Student Council Speech

By Lucy Bostwick During P block on Thursday, April 26th, the whole schools gathered to listen to ten lucky Fifth Formers tell them why they should be elected as Student Council Sixth Form Officers next year. There were many common themes, but everyone brought their own ideas and individuality to the table. These common themes…


04/25/12 Track Meet

By Mark Kim This Wednesday, St. Paul’s student athletes eagerly competed in various sporting events under the bright sun. Among many exciting games that were going on, the event that seemed most captivating was the track meet with Rivers, Tabor and Lawrence. The pleasing weather contributed to the excitement and school pride among the athletes…

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