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ukraine protests

Beyond the Bubble 1/30/14

Ukraine Protests On January 16th, 2014, the Ukrainian government passed 10 laws restricting Ukrainian citizens’ freedom of speech and protest. These were passed due to protests which began in November amid the seizure of trade negotiations between the Ukrainian government and the European Union. On 28 January 2014, the Prime Minister Azarov and the entire…

Winter Athletics – Week 5, 2013-14

Wednesday  1/22 Girls  Varsity Hockey  2  NMH  1 Girls JV Hockey  2  Exeter  2 Boys Varsity Nordic  2nd out of 10 teams at SPS Sprints Girls Varsity Nordic 2nd out of 7 teams at SPS Sprints Boys Varsity Alpine 1st out of 5 teams at GS Girls Varsity Alpine 2nd out of 5 teams at GS Varsity Wrestling  79 …

Winter Athletics – Week 4, 2013-14

Monday 1/13 Boys Varsity Hockey  4  Exeter  6   Wednesday 1/15 Boys Alpine 2nd  out of 5 teams at SPS Slalom Girls Alpine 1st out of 4 teams at SPS Slalom Girls JV Squash  3  Groton  4 Girls Varsity Hockey  4  Thayer  1 Varsity Wrestling  77  Marianiopolis  0 Varsity Wrestling  44  Lawrence  33 Boys Varsity Basketball …


Beyond the Bubble Winter Week 3, 2014

Colorado: Legalization of Recreational Pot Colorado became the first state in the U.S. to legalize recreational pot after 55% of its voters agreed on this resolution. The tax collected from retail marijuana may generate state revenue of over 67 million dollars a year, with 27.5 million dollars used to build schools. Residents of Colorado over…

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