Sharing the Vote

Concord, New Hampshire is often viewed as a hotbed for politics, and St. Paul’s School is no exception. In the coming weeks, SPS will engage in its yearly tradition of Student Council elections, a frenzy of position statements, speeches and lofty campaign promises. And at the end of it all, four students will be voted in to be the new members of the Student Council.

Solter on Fiske

Written by Riley Solter ’15   By the time this article gets published, Fiske Cup will have come and gone. There will be tolerable plays and there will be awful plays, and everyone will pretend to have seen the one that wins. Unfortunately, many of you showed up to Kitt 1 on Saturday with high…

Monson on Happiness

Written by Tekla Monson ’14   People who grind your gears really suck. The worst part is, they always seem to be around. Fortunately, there is always a way to deal with this annoyance, even in cases when it may seem unavoidable. Tekla’s Rules of being passive: 1) Just laugh. If someone is bugging you…

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