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Mrs. Kate Daniels

Ibelieve that everything happens for a reason. I really do. When I graduated from college, I went back to my little hometown on Cape Cod to teach Spanish in the high school from which I graduated. Truthfully, and a bit embarrassingly, a large part of the decision (actually, let me be honest – all of the decision!) to do this had to do with a boy from home I had been seeing from a distance while I was away in New Hampshire. Imagine my surprise when I discovered after moving into my cute little winter rental on the beach and setting up my new classroom (my former Spanish teacher’s room!) that he was actually engaged to another girl in town! One Friday after school, in an attempt to cheer me up, my former teachers who were now my colleagues (talk about weird!), convinced me to join them at a popular restaurant in town. The chef at that restaurant was another boy I had gone to school with and had known since I was ten years old. Well, one delicious dinner after another, I realized that it wasn’t at all for the first boy that I returned home for, but that I was actually meant to cross paths and fall in love with Brian Daniels. And, so I did.

Several years later, after I completed my graduate degree, we were living and working here in Concord. I was one of those people in town who regularly ran on the trails in the woods with my dogs. One of the reasons I love to run is that I use that time to mull over dilemmas or problems. Quite often, by the end of my time in the woods, I find that I have an answer or at least a direction for what I should do next. As almost everyone knows, I am an early morning runner. I prefer the quiet of the morning and like to start the day off doing something for myself so that I can be of best use to others. One particular day in September a little over eight years ago, I mistakenly did not set my alarm (unheard of!) and thus did not get in my run before school. As soon as my workday was over, I went home, got my dogs (I will always have dogs to run with), and headed for the trails. It was a gorgeous September afternoon, and as I ran, I thought about my career and what I wanted to do next. For close to twenty years I had worked as a special educator in the Concord School District. I knew that I wanted to try something new, but I really had no idea what. One thing was certain; it was time to start searching. By the Lower School Pond, I found myself on the path with Mr. Bazos, who I knew from his time working at Concord High. Tom was now living and working at St. Paul’s School. We spent the next few minutes catching up with one another, and I told Tom where I was in my career – a bit bored and feeling rather burned out. He told me about a new position that was being created here at SPS, the Director of Academic Support, and he encouraged me to apply. The rest, as they say, is history.

So if it hadn’t been for that unfaithful boy or that momentary lack of planning and organization on my part, I have no idea what my life would have been like. I, for one, am happy that it turned out the way it did.

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    Much of what happens in the universe is random and chaotic. From the smallest level, where quantum theory applies, to the level of our lives where turbulence reigns like the weather, randomness rules. You were lucky. Embrace it.

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